Services to Client / Agent of a Client


Herewith a description of services provided to Clients:

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  • Q Safety Consultants inspects the identified premises to conduct a baseline risk assessment.
  • Q Safety Consultants compiles a health and safety specification as per construction regulation 5(1)(b) which can be used to inform the tendering contractors of the relevant legal requirements as required by the OHS Act and Regulations.
  • Q Safety Consultants evaluates the health and safety plan and relevant health and safety documents of the tendering principal contractor in order to ascertain their ability and resources to conduct the construction work safely and can advise the Client accordingly.
  • Q Safety Consultants develops the mandatory agreements and appointments between the client and the principal contractor.
  • Q Safety Consultants conducts monthly audits on the appointed principal contractor’s health and safety plan and project health and safety system based on the developed specification and can generate compliance audit reports within seven (7) days of the audit.
  • Q Safety Consultants conducts an additional monthly physical site inspection and a follow-up audit with the appointed principal contractor to monitor compliance and can generate compliance reports within seven (7) days.
  • Q Safety Consultants, in conjunction with the monthly follow-up audit, attend one (1) progress / site meetings as may be required.
  • Q Safety Consultants can aid in the investigating of accidents and Incidents if of a serious nature when so requested which shall be costed at an additional hourly rate
  • Q Safety Consultants ensures that the Principal Contractor consolidates the project health and safety files, audit and can approve these files and provide the client with these records for their safe keeping.